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It's not just beads...

Custom Design

Our Garden offers a friendly and inviting atmosphere to sit, relax and bead.  We have a worktable and offer a large selection of loose beads to choose from so you can do all your designing right in the store. We encourage friends and family to come together to our Garden and make a day of fun and creativity. Not sure what you are doing, that is what our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff is here for. For no additional costs we will help you design and finish your work of art. So come give it a try in our Garden... we look forward to beading with you!


For those of you who have no desire to learn beading, we are here for you.  You still can get that one-of-a kind jewelry by simply coming in and pick out the beads and we will do the rest from there.  Our design artists will make a work of art that will make all your friends ask; "Who made that?" and we let you take all the credit!


Jewelry Repair

Here in the Garden we specialize in taking beaded jewelry from the past and giving it a new-refreshed updated look. Bring in Grandma's beaded jewelry and have us make a sentimental keepsake. Better yet we can teach you how to re-string these keepsakes.

We also specialize in basic jewelry repair...check your jewelry box and bring in those items that need a new clasp, re-strung, or something soldered...have us repair it so you can wear it!

Children's Birthday Parties
Not sure where to hold your child's birthday party? Let us do all the work so you don't have to! A party at The Garden takes the stress (& mess) off your shoulders. Plus, each guest creates & goes home with their own piece of jewelry!

Choose from one of our packages or have one designed to meet your needs.  Children must be age 6 and up.  Parties are held after hours and can accomodate groups of 6 - 15 children.  Call the store to set-up your customized party!  All packages start at $150.00 for up to 10 guests, anything over 10 will be an additional $15.00 per guest charge.


Adult Hostess Parties

It's easy.Gather friends and family for an evening of beading & fun! For a $10 fee per guest you and your friends & family will have full access to the Garden after hours! Bring in food and beverages and enjoy each others company as you make fabulous jewelry! No skills required... we do all the work!  

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